Soft Breeze is a minimalistic, soft and accessible website for coaches and therapists.

About Soft Breeze

The Soft Breeze template contains a lot of components to compile your own website. Choose which pages or parts are useful and simple delete the parts you can’t use. 
Or just use the whole template. Whatever suits you best.

Soft Breeze is build with Elementor Pro.


Try to keep your homepage clean and organized, so visitors can focus on the most important sections of your website. For example, you can place elements such as an introduction, the most important features, a call to action, some testimonials, or a summary of your services. In this case, you can read about the services of this WordPress theme

Access to template files

Purchase this template means you’ll get a kit that contains the whole website.

Install and customize

This template comes with a detailed guide on how to install and set up your brand-new WordPress website.

Get ready for it

Still some doubts? Put them aside. You’ll save lots of money with this pre-build WordPress website.


Saving time

Because you don't have to build your website from scratch, you save a lot of valuable time.

Saving money

By purchasing a ready-made, professional template, you save a lot of money on a web designer.

Ease of use

Elementor Pro is designed to make website creation accessible to everyone. Also for you.

Professional design

You're buying a professional website built with a stable page builder for little money. You're in good hands with the Soft Breeze template.


No static pages. Everything is customizable: from colors to fonts, from layout to images and text.

Support and updates

With Elementor Pro, you'll receive weekly updates. And if you get stuck, a support team is ready to assist you.

In this section, you’ll explain what you offer to your prospective clients. Show who you are and what they can expect. Make it personal by showcasing yourself. Visitors want to get to know you.

Contact us

Tell them how they can get in touch with you, how quickly you respond, and what questions they can ask.