Frequently asked questions

To convince and address any doubts, this page provides answers to the questions most commonly asked. You can group the questions to maintain clarity, ensuring that visitors can easily find the answers.

Below are some common questions that visitors often have when considering purchasing a template.

When purchasing this template, you’ll get a detailed manual which tells you step by step how to install this template. Shortly: 1. Install WordPress, Hello theme and Elementor. 2. Purchase and install Elementor Pro. 3. Import the template kit. 4. Replace images and text. Change colors and fonts if you wish.

Yes, use can customize everything. Even with two left hands, this template is easy to customize. And if you’re more comfortable with computers or web design, then you can truly adjust anything. The foundation is set, the rest is up to you.

Certainly. This template includes a comprehensive manual to walk you through the installation and editing process. Additionally, with Elementor Pro, there’s technical support and plenty of documentation available to assist you if you encounter any issues.

Definitely. This template is build with Elementor Pro. It will provide you updates. WordPress is a free CMS system which also comes with updates. If you make sure you’ll keep your website updates, this template will stay compatible. 

It can easily be done. Just ensure that the plugin you’re looking to integrate is reliable. Check its number of installations, reviews, and the date of the last update. If everything checks out, there’s no need to worry about installing another plugin that meets your requirements.

The Hello theme and Elementor Pro are extremely lightweight extensions. However, performance also relies on factors such as hosting and server settings, the number and quality of plugins installed in addition to the recommended ones, as well as the quantity and size of images used.

If you utilize the predefined settings and employ the pre-built template parts, you can rest assured that your website will remain responsive and mobile-friendly.

Questions about making this template your own

Sure. Colors, fonts, and images can definitely be customized. And if you’re computer-savvy, it’s perfectly doable to adjust the whole layout. The great thing is, if your changes aren’t to your liking, you can revert them with just a click. So, just give it a try and see what’s possible.

Absolutely, you have the freedom to customize any color or font to your liking. Whether it’s for the entire site or specific sections, you’re in control. This template provides comprehensive instructions on how to adjust colors and fonts for the entire website.

You can effortlessly undo an action by selecting the previous one or revert the changes you’ve made by choosing the previous revision.

The template comes ready-made, ensuring that each component is optimized for mobile devices and adjusts smoothly to different screen sizes. To maintain this responsiveness, you can effortlessly replicate or duplicate sections you intend to use elsewhere on your website. This approach guarantees consistent responsiveness across all pages.

Other questions

The template has a solid foundation, utilizing Elementor Pro. Just make sure to use reliable extensions.

After purchasing Elementor Pro and connecting it to your website, you’ll automatically receive all future updates. Typically, updates are released weekly.

It is not allowed to resell this template. However, once you purchased, you are permitted to use it for your own websites. Only if these are your own services or businesses.

Since this is a digital product, unfortunately, it is not possible to refund. But hey, you won’t go wrong with this small investment.

The way the template is previewed here, is how you will purchase it. In the manual, you’ll learn about how to make it your own and change the navigation so it fits your needs.